Monday, April 8, 2013

Common Sense Guide for Dry Skin

Sometimes the remedy for dry, itchy skin is simple common sense. That's not to say that you shouldn't use your favorite skin care products, but adding some easy tricks to your daily regimen can help too.

Here are some easy, common sense ideas to help banish dry skin for good, no matter what the season.

1. Use moisturizer every day. Sounds simple enough, but you'd be surprised how many people don't practice this daily ritual on a regular basis. When you apply is important too. Right after your shower or after washing your face while the pores are open, and before the skin completely dries ensures that your skin absorbs the benefits of your favorite moisturizer.

2. You've heard "drink plenty of water" all of your life, and besides it's other health benefits, keeping the body hydrated also keeps your skin hydrated from within.

3. Speaking of hydrating... look into getting a humidifier. There are plenty of options - a whole house humidifier which can cost upwards of $600 depending on the type of heat and air conditioning your home has. A room humidifier is a lower cost option and you may need more than one if you spend a lot of time in a certain area of your home. One in your bedroom is most important. (Your houseplants and wood furniture also benefit from higher humidity in the air!)

4. Don't over peel or over exfoliate. Both treatments can strip the skin of natural oils and can leave skin drier. When you do use a peel or exfoliate, moisturize your skin about twice as often for a few days afterward. Adding a few drops of olive oil to your moisturizer can keep your skin hydrated.

5. A hot shower feels great but remember that the warmer the water, the more natural oils in the skin are stripped away. Wash your face with tepid water and keep your shower warm enough to be comfortable but not hot.

6. Shaving, plucking, and waxing can also dry your skin. Use the olive oil trick afterwards to avoid over drying.

When considering what type of moisturizer to use for your face and body, consider your own skin type. Oil based moisturizers typically work best for dry, flaky skin. Water based works well with skin that is prone to breakouts.

You should also avoid toners with alcohol, peroxide, or witch hazel. All of these can make your skin more prone to drying.

Do you have some tips and tricks that work well? Please include them in the comments so others can benefit from your experience!

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